The Game

who can play? anyone can play!

(Please note that children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

How to Play

Any ruling deemed necessary will be made solely by the promoter whose decision will be final. Always retain your card until the winner is declared. In games with multiple winners, your call of BINGO must be acknowledged by either the promoter, caller or spotter before the last number of the card read is called. This is a Q.O.G.R. Ruling. The responsibility rests with the player.

  • Ensure your call has been acknowledged.
  • On receiving a winning number the player must shout “BINGO” and raise his/her hand. Failure to do so could invalidate any claim to a prize.
  • A payout is made on each variety of feature game shown above and continues to a Full House for a second payout.
  • Do not use black or blue pens. Do not obliterate numbers or detach ticket from book. Be sure you are playing the correct colour and series.
  • Jackpot sheets are only sold with books.


Bingo is similar to keno and lotto. Every bingo game sheet has the numbers 1 through 90 listed. As you can see, your game sheet is split into six separate boxes – In each individual game there are 15 numbers. A game of Bingo is won when you fill the required numbers within ONE of these games. If you mark all fifteen numbers off that would be a full house win.

Feature Games

You win a game of bingo when you fill the required numbers within ONE of these games. four corners, lucky 7, any one line.

Types of Games